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Alfa Romeo is a popular Italian automotive manufacturer among car enthusiasts of all generations. Alfa Romeo's rich motorsport heritage, exquisite design philosophy, famous four-leafed clover (known as a Quadrifoglio), and never-ending rush of joy while riding one of their vehicles. Alfa Romeo was created in 1910 by a group of anonymous financiers, and the journey has not been as easy as had initially been planned. As vehicle lovers, we are delighted that Alfa did not perish in the 1930s as we would have never acquired any of these magnificent Italian sports vehicles.

10) 1931 Alfa Romeo 8C 23000 Monza

This street-legal racer was powered by a 2.3-liter inline-8 engine that produced 165 horsepower. The RWD one-ton topless racer clocked in at 60 mph in 8.4 seconds. Anything less than 10 seconds to 60 seconds was considered "too much to bear" in the 1930s. Only 188 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza vehicles were manufactured for the public, and they sold for $12 million at auctions.

9) 1967 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

This was not only one of the first supercars in the world but also one of the most gorgeous. Did we mention that it's also incredibly fast? It was the fastest automobile to reach the 1km mark in under 12.0 seconds at a speed of 130 mph when it was first released. The 2.0-liter V8 engine in this mid-engined supercar delivers 227 horsepower and accelerates to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds. The 33 Stradale reached new heights that weren't reached before.

8) 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA

GTA is an abbreviation for Gran Turismo Alleggerita. This translates to a lighter grand tourer. This little creature epitomizes the term "driver-focused." With a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine producing 113 horsepower and a weight of under 2000 pounds, the GTA accelerates to 60 mph in just 8.3 seconds. The aluminum panels and 5-speed manual gearbox contribute to creating a robust, entertaining that will definitely put a grin on your face. The Giulia Sprint GTA was produced in 500 units and sells for an average of $250k at auctions. There are also less track-focused options, such as the Alfa Romeo Junior models.

7) 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV6

The Alfa Romeo GTV6 was constructed in South Africa as a partnership between Alfa Romeo South Africa and Alfa Romeo Italy. The objective was to create an Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2.0L that was more mature, forceful, and all-around better. Alfa intended to leave its competition in the dirt, such as the BMW 535i. Aside from sporty external changes, the GTV6 is powered by Giuseppe Busso's famous 3.0L V6 engine. This equated to 183 horsepower supplied to the rear wheels through a 5-speed manual transmission. 6) 1991 Alfa Romeo SZ. Jeremy Clarkson, the former host of BBC's Top Gear, became infatuated with the GTV6 while shooting Season 3 of The Grand Tour, so he bought one. They're about $30k on average. Another notable appearance was in the 1983 James Bond film Octopussy when the fastback Alfa was portrayed as a heroic car.

6) 1991 Alfa Romeo SZ

After Alfa's ownership was transferred to Fiat, the SZ was the company's first sports vehicle. Following the transfer of ownership, there has been a lot of speculation about whether it would be as extreme as past Alfa sports cars. Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Zagato collaborated on the Alfa Romeo SZ (Sport Zagato). Every aspect of the façade was the same: grey roof, tan inside, and red plastic-like panels. The SZ's eye-catching appearance makes it appear fierce and quick. The monster's renowned 3.0-liter V6 engine by Giuseppe Busso made it sound fierce and move quickly. A 0-60 time of 7 seconds was possible thanks to 210 horsepower and 246Nm.

5) 1993 Alfa Romeo GTV

A revolutionary FWD system and the legendary 3.0L Busso engine, developed by Pininfarina, are all bundled up into one four-eyed sports vehicle. No one could have predicted that the Alfa Romeo GTV Type 916 would be as wonderful as it was. The idea of a front-wheel-drive Alfa sports car did not sit well with the general public... until they had the opportunity to test drive the little monster. The 3.0L V6 in the GTV pumps out 237 thrilling horsepower, and the FWD powertrain, which was once frowned upon, pushed all that power to the ground to negotiate turns smoothly. This is certain to become genre-defining, and it can be had for as little as $6000.

4) 2007 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

This was Alfa Romeo's first and only supercar up to that point. The 8C demonstrates that you can appreciate art by engaging all of your senses. The sensation of dropping a gear to lift off, the euphoric exhaust noise, the fragrance of Italian leather, the flavor of adrenalin, and the feel of the metal gear paddles beside the steering column. This automobile is certainly one of the greatest – if not the best – cars that have ever existed on the globe. The 8C accelerates to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds thanks to a Ferrari-derived 4.7-liter V8 that generates 444 horsepower and 480Nm. When the 8C was first announced for production, it received over 1400 orders, but Alfa only produced 1000 of them. 500 of them are coupes, while the other 500 are spiders. The original asking price was a little over $300,000, but a decent model now would cost at least $350,000.

3) 2013 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante

​​The term "disco volante" means "flying saucer" in Italian, and it properly characterizes the form of the coach-built Alfa.  The design is based on the Alfa Romeo C53 Disco Volante from 1952. That's where the comparison discontinues and the differences begin. The same Ferrari-derived 4.7-liter V8 engine powers the new C54 Disco Volante, producing 444 horsepower and 480 Nm. This combo accelerates the UFO to 60 mph in only 4.2 seconds, and it does it while looking stunning. It does outclass most in terms of comfort.

2) 2013 Alfa Romeo 4C/4C Spider

Breathtaking. That is the most accurate description of the 4C. With the weight of a tiny kitten, the 4C is a sultry Italian-styled baby supercar. This nimble cat is propelled by a tiny 1.7-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that produces 240 horsepower. You'd be incorrect if you thought the Alfa's weak point was its tiny engine. To conserve weight, the engine is smaller than typically expected. Speaking of weight, the car's whole structure is made of carbon fiber, including headlight housings. When the throttle is pushed, the entire car, weighing only 895kg, transforms into a bullet. As a result, the 4C accelerates to 60 mph in only 4.5 seconds, and it's even quicker around bends than it is straight. In 2013, a new 4C would cost at least $55,000, but by 2021, a new 4C will cost $89,000. Like good wine, this Alfa Romeo improves with age. Since the 4C was phased out in 2021, vendors have begun to demand nearly six figures.

1) 2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA

5-seater family sedans aren't typically thought of as sports vehicles, but this is an exception. Once upon a time, Alfa's quickest sedan was the Giulia Quadrofoglio, but the GTA outperforms it in every way. Weighing the same as a cardboard box, with greater power, broader bumpers, and an ostrich-sized back wing. The twin-turbocharged 2.9-liter V6 produces 532 horsepower. That propels the GTA to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds, faster than the Alfa Romeo Giulia Grand Turismo Alleggerita. The aesthetic improvements are done in a classy manner. New race-inspired front and back fenders, as well as a huge wing, carbon fiber rear bumpers, and dual-center Akrapovic titanium exhaust tips. All of these improvements result in a weight loss of 100 pounds. If all of this is too gentle for you, a GTAm version is also available. The GTAm is a GTA that has gone on a strict diet and removed the rear seats, resulting in a vehicle that weighs even less than its prior 1520kg. Only 500 GTA and GTAm models have ever been made, and they will be purchased for no less than $268,000.

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