Alfa Romeo Is Going All-Electric for 2027

Stellantis has recently been making headlines for its electric car announcements. Stellantis has evolved from a business that didn't possess much in the way of EV ambitions, to spearheading the push into performance EVs, thanks to Dodge's performance EV and Jeep's ambitions to produce a Wrangler EV. Stellantis, the parent organization of 14 brands including Dodge, Jeep, Peugeot, and Fiat, contains a single additional brand that, while not possessing any EVs or hybrids in manufacturing, wants to go all-electric by 2027. Stellantis' next electric vehicle endeavor is Alfa Romeo.

Stellantis’ Developing Foundations

They are developing an electric vehicle that is only focused on results. Dodge's muscle car history should be prominent in the new EV, which guarantees performance above and beyond most other EVs and should compete with the Tesla Model S Plaid as the new benchmark in EV performance.

Jeep will also show off several new electrified cars. The new Wrangler EV has all of the off-roading capabilities that consumers enjoy while still being ecologically and financially beneficial. Jeep is also investigating hydrogen fuel cell technology, claiming that electric vehicles are even more competent off-road than gas-powered Jeeps.

These EVs are expected to debut in 2023, according to Green Car Reports. Over the next two years, Stellantis aims to launch 21 electric or hybrid vehicles covering across its brands. This follows a recent revelation that Jeep aims to launch an entire electric vehicle range in 2025.

2027: Alfa Romeo Is Entirely Electric

Stellantis is making yet another significant commitment : by 2027, Alfa Romeo will be entirely electric. That's a tight timeframe, especially when it comes to automotive manufacturers' schedules and considering that there are currently no electric or hybrid vehicles available from Alfa Romeo.

Stellantis is very possessive of its brands, particularly Alfa Romeo. Stellantis is proud to be associated with such a unique brand that automobile enthusiasts like. That implies there will almost certainly be no technological collaborations, such as the one between Honda and General Motors to produce Honda EVs.

Alfa Romeo's first electric vehicle might be a crossover SUV according to Autoblog, which would put it on the same platform as the Jeep EVs. The elements that make Alfa Romeo so distinctive will stay the same, according to Stellantis, even if the brand goes all-electric. While no new vehicles have been revealed yet, expect their names to be released soon.

More In Store

By 2028, the Stellantis Group, which owns Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and Land Rover, has declared that all new car sales would be electric or plug-in hybrid. By 2030 and 2028, Fiat and Opel are expected to be entirely electrified. In the next few years, Maserati and Citroen will also introduce electrified vehicles.

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