How to Use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on Alfa Romeo Vehicles

Alfa Romeo multi-touch display connected to Apple CarPlay
Alfa Romeo vehicles ensure an elevated driving experience with incredible engine performance, design and a wide range of technological innovations. For an immersive driving experience, Alfa Romeo models are equipped with different state-of-the-art technologies, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity that sync your compatible smartphones to access in-vehicle apps, music, contacts, maps and more. This seamless integration takes your driving performance to a whole new level by allowing you to make phone calls and use voice commands to send and read text messages. Follow along to learn how the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto system works on Alfa Romeo vehicles, making all your road journeys more convenient and intuitive. 

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How to Get Started

To activate Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in any of the Alfa Romeo vehicles with this technology, you need to plug in your phone to the USB port — using a quality charging cord — on the multi-touch display. Based on your model, you will either have an 8.8- or 10.25-inch full-colour touchscreen display. After connecting your compatible smartphone to the USB port, wait for on-screen prompts and follow them to finalize the connection. 

If you cannot find the correct USB port, take help from the owner’s manual or get in touch with the expert technicians at Alfa Romeo of Oakville for more information on this initial setup. 

Things to remember: If you’re an iPhone user, turn on Siri on your phone for easy connectivity, as this will make using Siri through the steering wheel control easier and more convenient. Android users must turn on their phone’s Bluetooth for seamless data transfer. 

What Do You Get With This Seamless Integration? 

Some of the things you get access to via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity include: 

  • Turn-by-turn navigation support 
  • Weather forecasts/alerts
  • Local traffic updates 
  • Emergency travel advisories 
  • Google Maps/Waze 
  • Voice assistance technology 
  • Phone calls, text messages and emails
  • Audiobooks and podcasts

Which Alfa Romeo Vehicles Have This Technology? 

Connecting your smartphone to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto system lets you enjoy various hands-free capabilities, including access to in-vehicle streaming apps like Spotify, Audible, Pandora, Google Assistant/ Siri and online radio channels. So far, the entire 2023 model lineup of Alfa Romeo, which includes the Stelvio, Giulia and Tonale, has this system built-in to offer the driver and passengers an immersive travelling experience. 

If you need more assistance learning about the functions of the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems, contact the experienced product specialists at Alfa Romeo of Oakville, a one-stop destination for everything concerning new and old Alfa Romeo vehicles.