Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Thoughts


We’re delighted to share with you about our experience with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio. We’ve had a decent amount of time with the vehicle, being able to access many of its features and we have our thoughts to share.


Physical Dials

Digital gauges are ubiquitous these days, so getting a real set is something of a rarity. Especially when they're as beautiful as the Stelvio Q's, with crisp letters and traditional Alfa Romeo typefaces. For almost everything, you have actual physical buttons or knobs, including some hefty temperature settings that are extremely straightforward to operate. When you set it to the large speedo, the numbers rise and fall separately, unlike many digital speedometers, which miss a lot of digits when you go quickly.


Rear Bias

The Stelvio Q has a fantastic DNA drive selection, but it doesn't always seem to care about being all-wheel drive. The arrangement does not instantly transmit a load to the front end to counteract the oversteer, unlike many contemporary systems. It's almost always required to use a preventative lock, and that's exactly how it should be. Because it's a tall, hefty vehicle, there's a small uncomfortable weight shift to get accustomed to as the vehicle ages.


Firm Yet Flexible

The Stelvio Q is firmly damped in all modes to counterbalance its high ride height, as is done for many of these hyper SUVs. Nevertheless, it's within acceptable limits, and even in the sturdiest of its three settings, the car doesn't swerve about on bumpy roads like the BMW X3 M, for example. Using the above mentioned DNA switch, you can also alter the suspension stiffness irrespective of the drive modes.

Alfa Romeo StelvioPhoto: James Lipman /

The Exhaust Note

The Stelvio Q is powered by a 2.9-liter V6 engine and an eight-speed automated transmission with remarkably quick shifts. The exhaust pipes make a croaky, scratchy sound, which is accentuated by some obnoxious upshift 'burps.' Alfa has avoided using a petrol particulate filter (OPF) in any of the cars powered by this engine. Presumably, the (ostensibly Ferrari-derived) unit will avoid such noise-tampering components for the time being.


The Brake Pedal

One of the rare vehicles that employs brake by wire technology is the Stelvio and Giulia. There are several advantages to this, including shorter braking distances due to quicker pressure build-up and the elimination of ABS pedal judder. However, even modest inputs cause the brakes to react quickly, making smooth driving challenging. When you're pushing away or pressing ahead in heavy traffic, they make a strange sound as well.


V6 Engine & Motorway Speeds

The V6-powered Stelvio Giulia Quadfiroglio has the thirst of a V8. Getting more than 30mpg on a lengthy, monotonous highway journey is unlikely unless you set the cruise control much below the legal speed. In reality, the greatest distance MPG you can expect is 26 miles per gallon. When we switch to it in the next couple of months, we'll be eager to see how it performs. The car's V6 engine creates a decent amount of wind turbulence on the motorway, even at a lower velocity. It's not awful, but more is definitely expected from such a premium luxury vehicle.

This issue and the other troubles discovered are mostly minor, thus making life with Alfa pretty impressive. Remain current with the most recent Alfa Romeo news and updates here at Alfa Romeo of Oakville, your number one location for all things Alfa Romeo here in Oakville, Ontario. Come through to our location today. Give us a call or book your appointment with us, and come search through our excellent roster of new & pre-owned Alfa Romeo models. For Alfa Romeo Service & Parts, meet with our stellar service team for the best care for your current Alfa Romeo vehicle.