Fade to Black: The Alfa Romero Stelvio Nero Edizione Package

The Alfa Romero Stelvio is already a breath-taking crossover that challenges your preconceptions about what utility. It’s uniquely designed to cater just as much to your senses at it is to your daily driving needs. So when we say we didn’t think this crossover’s design could get any more striking, we meant it. And of course, we were wrong. Introducing the Alfa Romero Stelvio Nero Edizione Package.


Available on the Stelvio, Stelvio Sport, Stelvio Ti and Stelvio Ti Sport, the Nero Edizione Package takes the accents that we would typically take for granted and blacks them out. Specifically, the wheels, grille, badging, and exhaust tips are all given an extra dose of attitude in this visually appealing package.

And it’s one of many reasons why we love the Alfa Romero Stelvio. If you’re interested in learning the other reasons why for yourself, we suggest visiting us for a test drive in the Alfa Romero Stelvio, today. We’ll be happy to get you set up behind the wheel.