Securing Your Load

Before you use the roof rack on your car, you want to read the instructions. Alfa Romeo of Oakville can demonstrate how to secure items to the rack and how to remove it from your car if you don't want it on at all so that there is no damage done to the paint. Consider asking someone else to help you load and secure items to the rack to prevent injuries and damage.

Make sure the rack isn't overloaded. If there is too much torque on the rack, then it could begin to put a dent in the top of your car. It could also lead to scratched paint. While driving in Oakville, ON, the metal components of your rack will likely get rusted. Keep these components lubricated to keep them functioning properly.

Keep an eye on the height of the items that you secure to your roof rack. If they are too tall, then you might find that they are ripped off of your car. If you have an SUV or a larger vehicle, then you want to factor in the additional height of the vehicle as well.