Avoiding Vehicle Damage from Salt Corrosion

Winter driving is always stressful for everyone, taking extra steps to keep themselves and other drivers safe on the roads but it is also important to care for your vehicle as well. Avoiding corrosion damage from salt on your vehicle in the winter is very important to maintaining a functional and good-looking ride. This is why we at Alfa Romeo of Oakville have put together some quick tips to protecting your vehicle from salt in the winter.

  • Wash your vehicle every 10 days or less when the temperature is above 40 degrees F.
  • Be sure to thoroughly wash the underside of your car in the winter.
  • Keep all paint chips repaired to avoid salt corrosion.
  • Wax your vehicle before winter to add a protective coating to your paint.

These steps are extremely important to keeping your car in top shape when winter rolls around. If you're interested in knowing more or have other questions, stop by Alfa Romeo of Oakville today and we can get them answered for you. We also have an impressive lineup of vehicles that drive great in the winter; we can get you behind the wheel for a test drive when you stop in.