Keep Safe With Good Tires

Maintaining your tires is important to your safety. You need to know when it's time to start planning to buy a new set. Pay close attention if you vehicle starts vibrating. Many people, particularly new car owners, don't associate vibration with bad tires but heavy vibration that worsens over a few days is a solid indicator your tires are about to blow.

Look for weak spots. Things like nails in your tires can be patched, but weak spots can't be fixed. You find a weak spot by looking for blisters, smooth tread, or visible wires where the tire is worn down. These can be in the center of the tire or on the sidewall.

Those commuting around town know it's important to drive safely and that involves having good tires on your vehicle. Alfa Romeo of Oakville can check your tires and replace them conveniently and efficiently to keep you on the road.