The Simple Way to Test Your Car’s Battery

A dead car battery can ruin your day. At Alfa Romeo of Oakville we want car owners to know how to test a car battery. This simple test will tell you if your battery is in need of replacement.

You will need a tool called a multimeter. This inexpensive tool can be found in any chain hardware store. You will touch the positive and negative leads on the multimeter to the corresponding battery terminal. A good battery should read 12.4 volts or higher. A bad battery will register less than 12 volts. As your battery gets older it is more likely to require replacement. The average life of a car battery is five years or less.

We want to invite you down to our dealership here in beautiful Oakville where we can test your car's battery. Our service professionals will be happy to help you choose a new battery, and we can also install it.