Understanding a Blind-Spot Monitor

The blind-spot monitor is an increasingly popular driver aid. Here at Alfa Romeo of Oakville, we want you to understand this feature. Read on to discover what exactly a blind-spot monitor does for drivers in Oakville, ON.

Blind spots have been an issue for drivers for a long time. Although nothing replaces checking your mirrors and looking over your shoulder before changing lanes, a blind-spot monitor can reduce the risk of hitting an unseen obstacle. Utilizing sensors or radar, this driver aid monitors the lane next to you where you cannot easily see.

How the blind-spot monitor alerts you to danger varies from vehicle to vehicle. In many cases, it indicates that your path is not clear visually in the side view mirror. Some vehicles also make an audible sound if you activate your blinker. If you are indicating a move into a lane where the sensors or radar detect an object, it beeps at you. Test drive a vehicle with the handy blind-spot monitor at our dealership today!