What is front-wheel drive vs. rear-wheel drive?

One of the most important features you can check before purchasing a car is the drivetrain. Will you be driving a fuel-efficient front-wheel drive (FWD), or do you have a performance-driven rear-wheel drive (RWD)? The difference is clear in the way that the two drivetrains are configured to accelerate.

An FWD vehicle is pulled forward by the front wheels. This results in a slower acceleration to start with, but you can still hit top speeds, especially if you have a turbocharged engine. The true power of an FWD is the fuel efficiency. You’ll get better gas mileage with an FWD in a compact car or small sedan than with an RWD.

RWD vehicles are designed to send power to the back wheels. This means that your car pushes forward, which results in instant acceleration. However, it can be difficult to handle turbocharged sports with RWD unless you are ready for the high horsepower output. Want to see what we mean? You can test drive some of our best performance engines when you stop by Alfa Romeo of Oakville.