Winter Driving Safety Tips – How to Get Out of a Slide on Ice

Are you prepared for winter driving? Let us help at Alfa Romeo of Oakville. As the winter weather sets in, sliding is a common occurrence and can be dangerous if drivers don't know how to respond. The next time that you start to slide on ice, follow these winter driving tips.

Remain calm and don't panic. While it's easier said than done, if you stay calm, it can help you stay in control. It's also helpful if you refrain from hard braking because it can help you avoid sliding. The brakes can cause you to slide or make it harder for you to manage your vehicle. Remember to drive slowly. If you slide on icy roads, then you're more than likely driving too fast for the driving conditions.

Oversteer is a common type of slide that occurs on ice, and it can be extremely dangerous because the vehicle will fishtail or slide out. If you experience oversteer, don't use the brakes, and if you turn into the slide, it can help you handle the vehicle better.